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PGSA Projects

As an all volunteer organization, the Polish Genealogical Society of America (PGSA) absolutely depends on the efforts of many people, who volunteer their time, effort, and expertise in a variety of ways. If it is to continue, it will constantly need new people, new ideas, and possibly you!!

Maybe you’ve never volunteered in the past because:

  • You thought you needed special qualifications or skills
  • You felt you’d be obligated to spend hours and hours a week, every week
  • You thought you’d have to attend endless meeting and write reports
  • You don’t live close to PGSA headquarters or Chicago

The Society wants to make your experience with us mutually beneficial. What that means is that we will make every effort to match your interests and time constraints with the society’s needs. We have tasks that simply require doing a mailing once every 3-4 months to others involving data entry (which you can do at home) to lending a hand at various society functions. What have you got to lose! And we ALL might gain!

If you are at all interested and want to talk about the possibilities, please contact PGSAmerica@pgsa.org, attn: Volunteer Coordinator

In the Chicago Area

Project Name: Polish Museum Library Volunteers
Point of Contact: Esther Witek or Virginia Witucke

  • Inquiries - Working at the Polish Museum in Chicago making copies of requested research materials i.e., obituaries, responding to written requests and compiling membership packets.
    Experience required: Willingness to learn, flexibility and working well with others.
    Time Commitment: Wednesday 10:00-1:00
    Contact: PGSAmerica@pgsa.org

National/At Home

Project Name: Publication Contributions
Point of Contact: Fred Hoffman wmfhoffman@sbcglobal.net
Project Description: Prepare genealogical articles on your successes, techniques, revelations, trips to Poland, etc.
Time Commitment: As required to prepare material
Location: Write at your home

Project Name: Web Page Editor
Project Description: You may volunteer to become a "Page Editor" for one of our web site pages. You may adopt the Calendar, About, Publications, Homepage or Resource page and help us ensure that PGSA content is current, correct and helpful to our members. Your Webmaster will provide you with training and you will be amazed how easy it is. Please consider being a volunteer.
Point of Contact: PGSA Webmaster.
Time Commitment: As required to prepare material
Location: Perform at your home on your computer

Project Name: Polish Church Jubilee Book Indexing
Point of Contact: PGSAmerica@pgsa.org
Project Description: Index the Jubilee books as to surname and first name content, a page number, and the form of the content (text, photo ad, etc.). Books are supplied by the Archives of the Polish Museum of America Library.
Experience required: Computer literacy is required for data entry. A PC or Mac computer with Excel or FileMakerPro is required.
Time Commitment: As required to finish the book.
Location: Work can be done at volunteer's home.

Obituary Daily Times

Visit the Web site to search the database of more than two million entries indexed in the last four years and to learn how to become a contributor of obituaries indexed from your local newspaper. To subscribe to the mailing list, either visit the Web site and click the option to subscribe to the GEN-OBIT list, or send your SUBSCRIBE message to Gen-Obit-L-request@rootsweb.com.
NOTE: If you have a Juno account, instead of the foregoing, send your request to be added to the mailing list to wstyles@erols.com.

From the RootsWeb Review (Vol. 1, No. 8, 5 August 1998, RootsWeb's main Web page http://www.rootsweb.com)

Open Positions

We encourage members to volunteer their time in the "Management of PGSA" by becoming a committee chair, director or I.T. technical volunteer. In addition our projects page (see projects listed above) provides a pathway for members to volunteer for international projects or domestic projects pertaining to the enrichment of Polish Culture. If you wish to volunteer or have questions as to how your skill sets may benefit the society please contact us at PGSAmerica@pgsa.org.

Donations of Polish Culture or Monetary Gifts

Donation of Polish Culture

The Polish Museum of America Library, 984 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL 60642-4101, is the repository for the various genealogical references the Society collects as well as a collection of some 60,000 books on Polish history, art, culture, and reference. Your tax-deductible donation of Polish Cultural treasure will be preserved and cared for by the volunteers of the Society. The Library & Museum are open to the Public. Information is available at 773-384-3352 or pgsa.org.

Slownik Translations & Family Histories

If you have translations that you would like to share with others for inclusion on this site, please submit them through E-mail to webmaster@pgsa.org or send them to PGSA, 984 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL 60642-4101. Be sure to indicate the original publication source and the name of the person making the submission.

For members who would like to place their direct line ancestors surnames with the town listings that are currently on the Website, please send the surname information to webmaster@pgsa.org along with your membership number. The information to be sent, should include the ancestors surnames (no given names), earliest date documented existence in the town, your name and E-mail address.

Family Trees of members may be directed to webmaster@pgsa.org

Monetary Donations or Bequests

The PGSA Genealogical Research databases are available to the researcher at no charge, in order to reach as wide an audience as possible. However, an undertaking of this magnitude does entail costs. We ask you to consider supporting the PGSA web site with a voluntary financial contribution. Your support will not only serve to advance the enhancement of database selections, but will help to sustain its long-term availability to the genealogical community.

If the PGSA web site has advanced your genealogical research with a new discovery, a voluntary financial contribution would be a thoughtful and much appreciated way of saying "thanks" for the hard work and long hours we have dedicated to this effort.

A donation of $100 or more to the PGSA Database will receive a complimentary subscription (one year) to "The Rodziny" the literary voice of the Society.

Donations to help support the PGSA Web Site Database may be sent to
984 N. Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, IL 60642-4101
Att: Treasurer

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