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Authors: Jonathan Shea and William F. Hoffman

Acclaimed translation guides written with the Polish genealogist in mind.

This volume, revised in 2014, includes:* 88 Russian-language documents and extracts from American and European sources, analyzed and translated -- they include extracts from birth, death, and marriage records of various formats; gazetteer entries; revision lists; obituaries; population registers; military service records; passports; etc. * sections on Russian grammar, phonetics, and spelling * information on how to locate records in America and Europe * a chapter on gazetteers and how to use them, with 10 maps showing Russia's changing borders and divisions, and Letter-Writing Guides for Russian, Lithuanian, and Ukrainian * a 80-page vocabulary with over 3,700 entries, featuring archaic terms and spellings most likely to be found in records but rarely included in modern dictionaries * a 25-page list of over 700 Christian and Jewish given names with equivalents in English, Latin, Lithuanian, and Polish
8" x 11" 520 pp. softcover $35.00
Price:$ 35.00
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