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PGSA has been searching for some time to find a way to share the information from our quarterly meetings with those who are not close enough to attend. Consequently, our last quarterly meeting of the year is being offered both as a live presentation and as a "Webinar." Participation in a "Webinar" gives you the opportunity to listen to the speaker and see the material being presented.

At our November 9 general meeting at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library, presenter, James S. Pula, Professor of History at Purdue University, will speak on the famed Kosciuszko Squadron in World War II AND it will be offered as a "Webinar. " This means that in addition to the individuals in attendance, 100 additional visitors can participate in the meeting via their computer from the comfort of home or wherever they (and their computers) are at the time. If you haven't tried this latest technology and would like to give it a try, we will be posting details on the PGSA Home Page www.pgsa.org, in the October Notebook or on the Arlington Heights Library website http://www.ahml.info/.

Please consider taking advantage of this opportunity and don't hesitate to let us know what you think.

What You Missed! August 10th Meeting

The program for the August 2014 meeting, held at the Polish Museum of America, was presented by Marek Suszko. The title of his presentation was “The Warsaw Uprising August 1 – October 2, 1944”. Mr. Suszko is a Polish-American historian and teaches both Polish and European history at Loyola University Chicago. He received the Master Teacher Award from Loyola University Chicago in 2010. Marek explained in detail the events that led up to The Warsaw Uprising. Most significant was the lack of support from England, France and the United States. The Western allies chose to ignore the atrocities taking place in Poland for fear of offending Stalin. As the war was coming to an end and with the certainty of the Soviet Union controlling all of Poland, the underground Polish army as a show of force tried to liberate smaller cities and towns. When this did not work, they concentrated on Warsaw. The Uprising lasted two months resulting in great loss of life and extensive destruction of the city. Today, there is still debate, in the country, as to whether it had any effect whatsoever in bringing the war to an earlier end. Marek felt that the Uprising did succeed, however, in preventing the Soviets from extending Communist control into Western Europe. The heroism of the Polish people shown during the Uprising impressed the Soviets and kept them from enforcing more stringent controls after the war. Perhaps the most important result was that it kept the Polish national spirit alive.

Polish Air Force in Britain 1940 - 1947

In 1999, after the Polish Air Force Association disbanded, Tadeusz Krzystek was appointed to the position of Office Manager and Treasurer of the PAFA Foundation. In 1998, together with his wife Anna and with the help of Mrs. Danuta Slawinska, from the PAFA, they rewrote and organized the inventory of Polish personnel provided by the Ministry of Defense of those who during the war served in the Royal Air Force. Numbering over 600 pages, the list (16,973 names of airmen who served in the Polish Air Force in Great Britain and 1,313 women in the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force) is an invaluable source of information for historians and families of airmen. Krzyteks’s List

Celebrate Your Polish Heritage - Fall Festivals!

  • Taste of Polonia Festival: August 29 thru September 1, 2014! - Taste
  • Roncesvalles Polish Festival – Toronto, CA September 13 and 14, 2014! - Toronto
  • St Hedwig Polish Festival, Wilmington, DE, Sept 16, 2014! - St Hedwig
  • Pulaski Days, Grand Rapids, MI, October 4,2014! - Pulaski
  • Polish Film Festival Los Angeles, CA - October 7-16, 2014! - Film Festival
  • Polish Halloween, – San Diego, CA – October 25, 2014! - Halloween

Compendium of Polish Digital Web Sites!

Peruse this directory of 46 domestic and international sites presented as PGSA's first step to inform and build awareness in the ability of our members to access Digitized Polish Vital Records via the internet. In addition, we will strive to mobilize our members to volunteer in the effort to transcribe and / or digitize Polish vital records before they fall victim to the ravages of time and are lost forever.


Genealogy Fridays – Polish Research Help at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library

PGSA board member Steve Szabados is a genealogy volunteer at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library and he will be available for Polish research questions and help on Friday mornings from 9 AM to 12 PM. Whether you are just starting your research or trying to solve a “brick wall,” Steve should be able to help.

Be sure to add the Notebook's email address

Be sure to add the Notebook's email address pgsanotebook@gmail.com to your address book or "safe senders" list as soon as you subscribe to the Notebook so it will be delivered directly to your in box. If you cannot find your monthly issue of the Notebook, be sure to check your "junk mail" or spam box for your email account. If you continue to have difficulty receiving the Notebook, contact your Internet Service Provider about the issue directly

New Membership — Apply and Pay Online

For a new PGSA membership, click on the link to complete an online Membership Application and pay online: Online New Member Application

What's New onThe Website?

Members Only - Rodziny Electronic Collection - New Additions, Summer 2014

We have expanded the collection of Rodzinys in our members only area to include issues from 2009 to 2014. As you know the Rodziny is packed with valuable information, translations and "how to" tips for the new or expert researcher. We will continue to expand this collection as new issues become available.

Polish Immigrants to the Midwest - Migrated to "Members Only" in July

Aug 2014 Update 348 new records, 40,181 individual records!

This database is updated monthly. The user will find German, Pole, Hungarian, Belgian, Greek and Italian families from a number of states traced as near to their European origins as possible. Many good people have taken the time to send me extensions to the many families identified and have corrected my work when necessary. They are all credited for their contributions and I encourage any user to contribute “new families” and / or correct my work as the spirit moves you. New data may be sent to jamespiech@aol.com for entry. Let me know if you want your name and / or email credited in the record.

Jim Piechorowski PGSA Web Chair

Jubilee Book Indexes, Aug 2014

Additional Jubilee book indexes have been uploaded and are now online. We now have over 568,000 individual records from 568 books. We'd like to thank Ken Nowakowski, Jennifer Wellman, Deloris Cieslewicz, Barbara Bieszczat, Mitchelle Kmiec and Karen Johanson for their continued dedication, perseverance and support of our Society by working on these indexes.

450x355 jpeg image

                • Holy Cross, Baltimore, MD, 1978, 80th Jubilee, Barbara Bieszczat
                • Holy Trinity, Erie, PA, 1934, Financial Report, Mitchelle Kmiec
                • Immaculate Conception BVM, Panna Maria, TX, 1944, PRCU Archives, Mitchelle Kmiec
                • St. Mary of the Angels, Chicago, IL, 1953, Financial Report, Deloris Cieslewicz
                • St. Mary's School, South River, NJ, 1976, 50th Jubilee, Barbara Bieszczat
                • St. Michael, Chicago, IL, 1942, Jubilee Book, Deloris Cieslewicz
                • St. Roman, Chicago, IL, 1939, 10th Jubilee, Barbara Bieszczat
                • St. Stanislaus B&M, Chicago, IL, 1954, Financial Report, Barbara Bieszczat
                • St. Stanislaus B&M, Detroit, MI, 1923, Jubilee Book, Deloris Cieslewicz
                • St. Stanislaus Kostka, Chicago, IL, 1928, Financial Report, Barbara Bieszczat
                • St. Stanislaus Kostka, Chicago, IL, 1935, Financial Report, Jennifer Wellman
                • St. Stanislaus Kostka, Chicago, IL, 1952, Financial Report, Deloris Cieslewicz
                • St. Stanislaus Kostka, Chicago, IL, 1957, Financial Report, Jennifer Wellman
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