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Taken from Index to the Obituaries and Death Notices Appearing in the JEDNOSC-POLONIA: 1926-1946, compiled by Thomas L. Hollowak.

Baltimore's Polish Churches

The prime source for genealogical information in Baltimore's Polish Community is its churches.  The Polonians of Baltimore belonged to three denominations: Roman Catholic; Polish National Catholic; and Presbyterian.


There are at present six Roman Catholic churches, the predominant faith, which are associated with Baltimore's Polonia.  Of that number four have been from their establishment Polish in character.

St. Stanislaus Kostka, established 1879
     700 South Ann Street; Baltimore, MD   21231

Holy Rosary, established 1887
     408 South Chester Street; Baltimore, MD   21231

Saint Athanasius, established 1890 (Curtis Bay)
     4708 Prudence Street; Baltimore, MD 21226

Saint Casimir, established 1902
     2736 O'Donnell Street; Baltimore, MD   21224

The other two Roman Catholic churches, because of their location have large Polonian congregations.

Sacred Heart of Mary, established 1925 (Graceland Park)
     6736 Youngstown Avenue; Baltimore, MD   21222

Saint Patrick, established 1792
     317 South Broadway; Baltimore, MD   21231

Two of the above churches, St. Stanislaus Kostka and St. Patrick, have had their records, through 1977, microfilmed.  The microfilmed records are available for research at the Hall of Records, Annapolis, MD   21404.


In 1898 approximately 451 persons broke away from the "Roman" rite of the Catholic church.  They were members of the St. Stanislaus Society, a male group, and their families.  The group were members of the Holy Rosary parish.

The changes the group sought from the Roman church was more national church-- masses in Polish and more self government over their church, etc.

Until 1913 the group was known as the Independent Roman Catholic Church of the Holy Mother of Unceasing Help.  In 1913 they became affiliated with the Polish National Catholic Church, a group which had been formed earlier in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

They changed their name to Holy Cross and have continued to hold a mass in both the Polish and English language on alternate Sundays.2

Holy Cross Polish National Catholic Church, established 1898
     208 South Broadway; Baltimore, MD   21231


During the period 1916 thru 1942 there was in existence a Polish Presbyterian church.  Known as St. Paul's Polish Presbyterian Church, it was located at Broadway near Baltimore Street.

In 1942 it was dissolved and the records are currently on deposit at the Presbyterian Historical Society, 425 Lombard Street, Philadelphia, PA   19147.

The records consist of: 
     Session Minutes, 1925-1939   (1 volume)
     The Register, 1916-1942        (1 volume)

The Register contains:
     Elders, 1916-1936
     Communicants, 1916-1941
     Baptisms, 1926-1941
     Marriages, 1921-1942

There are restrictions of fifty years on church record use.  Special permission must be obtained from the Presbytery of Baltimore (5400 Loch Raven Blvd.; Baltimore, MD   21239) to research records later than 1930.

The Presbyterian Historical Society, due to limited staff, is not able to do extensive research.  However, it does allow researchers the use of its facilities, and upon request will supply a list of researchers who will do research in the Historical Society for a fee.  A final note, none of the records circulate.


Dr. Moses Auerbach, curator of the Jewish Historical Association (5800 Park Heights Avenue; Baltimore, MD   21215), notes that of Baltimore's Jewish community, 40-50% are of Polish descent.  However, he adds that Jewry is considered a separate ethnic-religious group unto itself.  It is suggested that Polonian-Americans with Jewish ancestry contact the Jewish Historical Association.

Funeral Homes in the Baltimore Polish Community

These are nine funeral establishments in Baltimore's Polish Community.  They all have kept records which can be tapped as genealogical sources.

They are all, with the exception of one, willing to respond to letters requesting limited genealogical information.  (I wish to caution the genealogist that this is done as a courtesy and not as an obligation.  Letters should be brief and specific.)

Bruzozinski Funeral Home Pa, established 1936
     1407 Old Eastern Avenue; Baltimore, MD 21231

Dabrowski, Bernard & Son, established in 1946
     2818 East Baltimore Street; Baltimore, MD 21224

Dippel Brothers, records begin 1888
     1800 East Lombard Street; Baltimore, MD 21231

Fialkowski, Wm., records begin in the 1940's
     2007 Eastern Avenue; Baltimore, MD 21231

Kaczorowski, Raymond L., established 1952
     2525 Fleet Street; Baltimore, MD   21224

Sadowski, M. F. & Sons, records begin 1923
     1808 Eastern Avenue; Baltimore, MD   21231

Weber, John M. & Sons, Inc., established 1919
     401 South Chester Street; Baltimore, MD   21231

Weber, George A., at present location since 1927; reluctant to answer any correspondence
     705 South Ann Street; Baltimore, MD   21231

Baltimore's Polish Cemeteries

The Baltimore Polonians, in addition to having their own churches, maintain four cemeteries.  Three are affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church and the other with the Polish National Catholic Church.

Saint Stanislaus, established c. 1895
     6615 Boston Avenue; Baltimore, MD   21224
This cemetery has grave markers since 1895. It was incorporated and perpetual care begun in 1914 by the Conventual Franciscan Friars.

Holy Rosary, established 1889
     7300 German Hill Road; Baltimore, MD   21222

Holy Cross Polish National Catholic Cemetery, established 1898
     7110 German Hill Road; Baltimore, MD 21222
The cemetery was opened on 14 June 1898.

Sacred Heart, established 1932
     7501 German Hill Road; Baltimore, MD 21222
The records for the period 1932-1946 were poorly kept.  After this period thru the present they are accurate.

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Information compiled by Thomas L. Hollowak

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