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  Polish American Archives
Archiwam Polonii

The Orchard Lake Schools
Orchard Lake, MI 48324

Rev. Roman Nir, Ph. D., Director (313) 683 - 0412
Mrs. Carol Baerman, Vice-Director (313) 683 - 0409

The Polish American Archives at Orchard Lake is an educational institution whose purpose is to safeguard written documents and other memorabilia which pertain to Polish culture.

Basically, the Archives can be referred to by two different names with each name indicating the area of emphasis. The first is the ARCHIVES OF THE ORCHARD LAKE SCHOOLS which contains collections pertaining to SS. Cyril and Methodius Seminary, St. Mary 7S College, and St. Mary's Prep School. In addition, the Archives encompasses the research centers: the Polish American Liturgical Center and the Pope John Paul II Center. The second category is the CENTRAL ARCHIVES OF AMERICAN POLONIA IN ORCHARD LAKE. In this respect the Archives collects memorabilia relating to Poland and the Polish people.

The actual contents of the Archives are divided into three categories. The first category contains historical sources pertaining to the research centers and the various schools at Orchard Lake. Memorabilia included in these collections are such things as materials from students [for example, theses], yearbooks, faculty and administrators' records, school records, and materials from school organizations. These are documents which originated from and are still originating from the continued growth and development of the Orchard Lake Schools.

The second category refers to historical sources associated with American and international Polonia. It contains artifacts which came from the Polish people in America and other nations. In particular, the collection contains memorabilia from Church organizations, Polish societies and schools, and Polish literature printed outside of Poland.

Sources associated with Polish history itself comprise the third category. Included in this category are old Polish publications, genealogical literature, magazines and books published in Poland, and special collections such as stamps, coins, and historical letters.

Father Roman Nir, Ph.D., is the Director of the Archives and is a native of Poland. In addition to his duties as the Archivist, he is the editor of the Jana Pawla II Biuletyn which is issued five times yearly. He is also preparing a series of books on the Sources of History of Polish Americans. The first volume has already been published and additional volumes are forthcoming. Currently, he is categorizing and cataloging many of the materials which belong to the Archives. When completed, the Archives readily will have available a wealth of information for anyone interested in the Orchard Lake Schools, Poland, and Polonia.

Hours are weekdays from 9 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.. Other hours are by appointment. We would appreciate a call or letter asking for an appointment before coming.

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