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A church existed in Waldowo in the 14th century. The present church was built in 1621 and dedicated to St. Matthew, apostle and evangelist. In 1929 the Pradzynskis built in Skarpa a sepulchral chapel. which also served the needs of workers on the estate. After WWII the parish took it over and it now serves the needs of Skarpa, Zalesie and Pamietowo.

The parish took over an evangelical church in Wlosciborz and in it carries on ministry for the villages Wlosciborz and Wlosciborek.

Because the distances of a few villages to the church in Waldowo were significant is a very old parish; it arose in the years of the introduction of Christianity in Pomerania and it originally embraced also the areas of the later churches in Pruszcz, Wielka Klonia, Zalesie and Komierow, in 1957 Sunday services were begun in cemetery charnel houses in Wielka Klonia and Komierowo. Those were the times in Poland when it was not possible to build churches: all attempts to build ended in failure. Thus to facilitate the faithful s participation in Mass, little chapels and charnel houses were taken over. Many people took part in Mass under the open sky because those charnel houses held only 30 to 40 people.

In 1984 in the course of 6 months we built a church in Wielka Klonia, as a result of which arose an independent parish with its own ministry. In the following year a rectory was built there and a pastor took up residence. In 1985 we began the building of a church in Komierowo and yet that year on St. Michael s day, we began to celebrate services regularly in the lower part of that church, to one side. A year later the entire church was dedicated. Before the week was out we began the bell tower. This year in the course of 5 months we built a church in Obodowo. It was dedicated Oct. 21 to Christ the Good Shepherd.

So, at this moment the parish of Waldowo serves the following churches:
The parish church of St. Matthew in Waldowo
In Wlosciborz the post-evangelical church of Saints Joseph and Casimir.
In Komierowo the church of St. Michael the archangel.
In Obodowo the church of Christ the Good Shepherd.
In Skarpa the chapel of the Assumption of the Most Holy Virgin Mary.

The manorial buildings don't exist in Waldowo. They were demolished already before the first World War. Palaces exist in Waldowko, Olszewka, Pamietowo, Przepalkowo, Zalesie, Wielka Klonia, and Mala Klonia and are in good condition, occupied by state-farm workers or offices. The palace in Skarpa is being remodeled at this moment. It is being designated for offices and dwellings. The most splendid: the Komierowski palace, in Komierowo, is remodeled. It serves for certain meetings, conferences and vacations

I have given you a general outline of the history of Waldowo parish and the fate of the existing palaces in its vicinity, and the number of filial churches. As the pastor of this parish for 4 1/2 years I can assure you that this is a beautiful area; the people are attached to the Catholic church, very self-sacrificing. They became involved in the building of the churches. I need to point out that we built with our own means. The parishioners built entirely by themselves and without pay. Otherwise we would not have been able to manage in the course of 4 years to build 3 new churches and remodel the other 3. They are very friendly and helpful to the pastor, whence I can assure with all sincerity, that I feel very well here. So there is no fear that the faith will be lost in this area. There were and are difficulties, but they confirm Poles in patriotism and faith.

With kind and cordial greetings, Fr. Henryk Cyrzon - 26 November 1987

Submitted by Gerald R. Schmidt, Pittsburgh, PA, gschmidt50909282@aol.com (Feb 2003)


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