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Opatowko (Poznan) - St. Catherine Virgin and Marytr Parish

The parish was established in the XII or XIII century. At one time Opatowko belonged to Benedictine Cloister of Lubien and in 1257 to Chapter-house of Gniezno. In 1364 church was allocated to the Poznan Diocese.

The present wooden church was build between 1752-1754, (the foundation was done by Leon Morawski who was archdecon of Gniezno & Poznan) thanks to vicar Maciej Jozef Marzechowski’s efforts. Construction is from timber is in the form of pillar with a tower. Inside, on a rainbow beam, is crucifix from the XVI century. The church’s main altar, is almost oval shape. Baroque Style altars on each side are from the XVIII century. Father Fromholz of Nekli and Opatowko was founder of cemetery in Opatowko. Father Ludwik Dabroski was the first residential pastor. He lost his life in Dachau. Between the two world wars, a rectory was built (Plebania).

Parish village communities: Chociczka, Mala Gorka, Opatowko, Podstolice, Zasutowo, Zerniki.

Source: Poznan Archdiocese Directory (1960?)

Submitted/Translated by: Rose Szczech (May 1997)


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