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Verbum Nobile (publication): "Verbum Nobile, a Publication on Polish Nobility" (under "General Information"), Fall 1995

Vermont–Cemeteries: "Polish Cemetery Inscriptions, Vermont," Fall 1989

Vlad II, Dracul, Prince of Wallachia (Count Dracula): "Count Dracula," Jan 1980

Volhynia (Wol~yn~): "From Volhynia to the United States" (under "General Information"), Fall 1994

— "Poland and Volhynia" (under "General Information"), Spring 1994

— "Wandering Volhynians," Fall 1990 von Mehlem Family: "The Von Mehlem Family In Lwo~w: Souvenirs Of An Austrian Family In Galicia During The Austrian Administration," Fall 1984


Wandering Volhynians (publication): "Wandering Volhynians," Fall 1990

Washington, George: "Washington’s Polish Blood," Jun 1980 Wesolowski, Ludwik: "Founded Settlement," Fall 1987

Western Prussia: "From the Sl~ownik Geograficzny: East and West Prussia," August 1996

— "Landed Property," Jun 1981

— "Polish Equivalent to Old German Place Names," Spring 1987

— "Prussian Poland," Spring 1983

Where to Look for Hard-to-Find German Speaking Ancestors in Eastern Europe (publication): "Eastern European Index," Bulletin, Winter 93-94 (under "General Info")

White Ruthenia > Byelorussia

Wilson, David P.,

"Famine to Feast: New Publications Useful for Polish Research," May 1996

— "Follow-Up," Bulletin, Fall 1996

Wiz|ajny: "From the Sl~ownik Geograficzny: Wiz|ajny," Bulletin, Spring 1996

Wnorowski, Longin Joseph: "Local Documents Turn Up Interesting Facts About Early Poles," Spring 1987

Wola (in place names): "Wola," Fall 1984

Wolf, Joseph C.: "Heraldry Expert Dies," Jun 1979

Wolinski Family: "Ignacy Wolinski And The Origin Of Baltimore Polonia," Spring 1984

World Conference on Records (Salt Lake City, 1980): "World Conference Papers Available," Jan 1981

World Index of Polish Periodicals Published Outside Poland Since September 1939 (publication): "A Salute to Mr. Jan Kowalik," Jan 1979

World War I: "Polish-American Military Records Organized," Bulletin, Summer 1993

— "World War I Veterans from New York," Bulletin, Summer 1995

World Wide Web: "Poland Home Page on the World Wide Web," August 1995

Writing Home: Immigrants in Brazil and the United States 1890-1891 (publication): "Book Review: Writing Home: Immigrants in Brazil and the United States 1890-1891," Spring 1987

Wycinanki (cut-out paper designs), "A Note on the Cover," May 1994; "A Note on the Cover," Nov 1994; "About the Cover," Bulletin, Winter 93-94 (under "General Info")

Wyrzysk (near Bydgoszcz): "Towns and Villages in Poland," Bulletin, Fall 1995


Zajdzinski Family: "Kompa Family Reunion," Fall 1983

Zewicki, Nicholas: "Local Documents Turn Up Interesting Facts About Early Poles," Spring 1987


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