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Please note: This bibliography was compiled in 2001, and there are no plans to revise it. If you see publications of interest on this list, please ask at your public library for information on how to borrow copies. The Polish Museum of America library does not provide interlibrary loan services to other libraries, although many of these items are available for use at the PMA library. The library of the Polish Museum of America is at 984 Milwaukee (at Augusta) in Chicago. See their web site for more information. http://pma.prcua.org/libraryen.html

  Author Call No.
Garkowski & Augustyn Families of Nebraska Wright 929.2C277
Gonsoir Family History - Vol 1 & 2 Grosek D. 929.2G639g
Gould, Crockett & Pulaski Ancestors - I Remember Raffensperger, H. 929.2P981
Gromada Family, Film Strip 1980   929.2G875
Guziak Family History, 1982   929.2G993
Historia Jednego Rodu, 1978 (History of One House)   929.2K96
Kawalkowski - Gronowski Genealogy Bradley-Cotroneo, J. 929.2C845
Klecki-Kluz Family   929.40-12
Komorowski Family Tree Chorzempa, R. 929.2K81
Korzenie Polski: The Descent from Mathias Legutki, G. 929.2L521
Korzenie - History of the Bukowski, Czajkowski, Czarapatta, Duszynski,Krentz, Marchell and Polus Families Krentz 929.2K92
Kwiatkowski Family History Thorne, J. 929.2K98
Legutki (Descent from Mathias Legutki), 1979   929.2L521
Lewandowski Family History Including the Bialke, Chmielewski, Follmer, Helmin & Wojciechowski Families Lewandowski, D. 929.2L-669-1
Losinski Family Ubrech (L'osinski) 929.2L879
Masthay Family History Masthay, C. 929.2M423
Opat Family in Kansas Burough Opat D. 929.20-61
Ostrye (Ostrowicki) Family Smith, P & Smith, C. 929.20-85
Radziwill Nowakowski, T. 929.2R133
Rodowod Piastow Slaskich (Lineage of Silesian Piasts) Jasinski 929.2J39
Rodzina Jalbrzykowskich (Family of Jalbrzykowski) Jalbrzykowski 929.2J38
Rodziny Szygowskich Historia (History of Family of Sygowski) Szygowski 929.2S999
Sandusky Story Watkins, J. 929.2S221w
Sowa Family History Dawson - Ebrom, J. 9292 S731
Historia Rodziny Szygowskich (Szygowski Family History) Szygowski 929.25999
Tafilkowski and Tafil Families Tafil 929.2T124
Urek... A Short Genealogy Tankersley 929.2Y95
Zabriskie Family - 4 books, 2 volumes Zabriskie, G. 929.2 Z12
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  Author Call No.
Aliens, Certificates in the Public Record Office-Polonica (1826-1852) Mieczyslaw Paszkiewicz 929.3P293
Applications of Members P.G.S.A - 5 Vols. Polish Gen. Soc. 929.2
Autographs and Manuscripts: A Collector's Manual The Manuscript Soc. 929.8A939
Badania Nazw Topograficznych (Examination of Topographical Names) Kozierkowski 929.4K88
Baptismal Names Weidenham 929.4W417
Bogoznawstwo Slawjan i Dzwon Wolnosci (Expertness of Slavic goods and the Liberty Bell) Zubrzycki 936.7Z93
Book of Friars and Their Days Assumption Province 929.3B724
Breslau Parish Jurisdictions Sonja Hoeke-Nishimoto 274.653H687
Choragwie i Flagi Polskie (Flags and Ensigns of Poland) Miller 929.9M648
Climbing Our Family Tree Systematically Zabriskie, G. 929.1Z12
Coming of the Slav Edwards 936.7E26
Compiling Roots and Branches Armstrong, J. 929.IA726
Computer Genealogy Andereck, Paul 929.A544
Cook County Research Szucs, L. 929.2S998
Dictionary of British Surnames Reaney, P. 929.4R288
Dir. of Genealogical Soc. in USA & Canada Meyer, M. 929.06M613
Directory of Genealogical Periodicals Konrad, J. 929.05K82
Directory of Census Information Sources Konrad, J. 929.3K82
Directory of Family Research Magee, P. 929.2M193
Discover Your Ancestors Peskett, H. 929.2P474
Dzieje Polski (History of Poland) Topolski R046.D999
Dziennik Chicagoski Index to Obituaries and Death Notices 1890-99, 1900-09, 1910-1919, 1920-29 A-L, 1920-29 M-Z   929.5H745
East European Dissent 1953 - 64, 1965 - 70   940E13vi
Entry of the Slavs into Christendom Vlasto 936.7V876
Family Names and Their Story Baring 929.4B253
Family Historian's Handbook Draznin, Y. 929.2D769
Family Names Hook, J. 929.4H781
Family History for Fun and Profit Jones 929.2J79
Finding Your Roots Westin, J. 929.2W529
Fortunes of the Eagle Kobylinski 929.9K751990
Genealogia Naukowe, W. 929.D993
Genealogical Research - Methods and Sources American Soc. of Genealogists 929.G326
Genealogical Library Guide LDS 929.1G326
Genealogists Encyclopedia Pine, L.G. 929.P649g
Genealogy for Beginners Willis, A. 929.W734
Genealogy for Librarians Harvey, R. 929.1H342
Genealogy Beginner's Manual Ashton-Sinko-Wolf 929.1G326
Giedroyc in North America Giedroyc, R. 929.2G454
Godlo i Barwy Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej (Emblem and Colors of the Polish Republic)   929.9G586
Godlo, Barwy i Hymn Rzeczypospolitej (Emblem and Songs of the Republic) Russocki-Kuczynski-Willaume 929.9R956
Guide to Foreign Genealogical Research Wellauer, M. 929.2
Guide to Genealogical Research in the National Archives National Archives 016.929658
Handbook of Slavic studies Strakhovsky 936.7S896
Handy Book for Genealogy Everton Publishers 929.E93
Herodot Dzieje (Herodot History)   93OH559
Historia Jednego Rodu (History of One Family) Krzeczunowicz, K. 929.2K96
Historical Bibliography of Polish Towns, Villages, Regions Peckwas 929.16
How to Write the History of a Family: A Guide for the Genealogist   929.2P564
How and Where to Research your Ethnic - American Culture Heritage Reed, R. 929.R325
How To Trace Your Family Tree American Gen.Research Inst. Staff 929.2A512
How to Research Your Personal Polish Family History Ames 929.07A513
How to Write the History of a Family Phillimore 929.2P564
Immigrant and Passenger Arrivals (1883) National Archives 016.3875U58
Index to Marriages in Jastrzabka Stara Czuchra, J. 929.3C999
Index to the Obituaries In the Jednosc-Polonia 1926-1946   929.5H745C1
Index to the PGS Newsletters Hollowak, T. 929.05H745
Information Received from Catholic Archives, researched in the Mormon Church IGI Files from: Gniezno, Jarzabkowo, Miescisko, Poznan, Wagrowiec, Witkowo   929.3
Kosciol Katolicki na Ziemiach Polskich Przed Wojna Europejska (Catholic Church in Poland before the European War) Ks. Josef P. Chodkiewicz 274.603C545
Ksiega Imion (Book of Personal Names) Kupis, B. 929.44K96
Latin Church in the Polish Commonwealth in 1772 Litak, S. 274.946L-775
Library Service for Genealogists Parker, J 929.P238
Limits and Divisions of European History Halecki 940.H165
List of U.S. Newspapers & Periodicals Summit Publications 929.05L773
Living History, 1925-1950 Dylong, J. 929.2D996
Living History, 1925-1950 - Teacher's Edition Dylong, J. 929.D9962
My Family Tree Workbook: Genealogy for Beginners Chorzempa, Rosemary 929.C551
Najdawniejsze Polskie Imiona Osobowe (Ancient Polish Personal Names) Taszycki 929.4T215
Nazwiska Polski Typu Dopelniaczowego (Names of Polish - genitive type) Zabska 929.4Z12
Nazwiska Polakow (Names of Polish People) Rymut, K. 929.4R995 1991
Nazwy Miast Polski (Names of Polish Towns) Rymut, K. 914.6M618R
Nazwy Geograficzne Pomorza Gdanskiego z Sufiksem (Geographical Names of Gdansk Maritime provinces with suffixes) Luszczynska, J. 929.4L972
Nazwy Miejscowe Dawnego Wojewodztwa Lubelskiego (Names of Locations in Ancient District of Lubin) Kosyl 929.4K86
Niemczech Srodkowych Slowianie i Germanie (Slavs and Germans in Central Germany) Strzelczyk 936.7S938
NIS Gazatteer of Poland   914.603U58
O Slowianach Ibrahima Ibn Jakuba (About Slav Abraham Ibn Jacob) - 3 Vols. Widajewicz 936.7W638
Obis Poloni (Circle of Polish People) Okolski R929.76041
Od Edfu do Faras (From Edfu to Faras) Michalowski 930.1E22m
Oder-Neisse Boundary and Poland's Modernization Kruszewski 940.08314K9
Opowiesc O Orle Bialym (A Story about the White Eagle) Ruszczyc 929.8R971
Ordeal of the Captive Nations Daniel 940D184
Orly Polskie (The Polish Eagle)   929.90-72
Pieczecie Ksiazat Mazowieckich (Official seals of the Mazovian Princes) Kuczynski, S. 929.8K95
Pieczecie Miast Polskich XIII i XIV w Wieku (Official seals of Polish Towns in 13th & 14th Centuries) Gumowski 929.8G974
Pierwsze Panstwo Slowianskie (The First Slav Country) Labuda 936.7L127
Poczatki Slowian (The Beginnings of the Slavs) Lehr-Splawinski 936.7L524
Poland, Little Library for Youth.   929.9P762
Poland's National Flag and Emblems Szala 929.9S966
Polish Family Tree Surnames Obal, T. 929.4012
Polish Genealogical Society Newsletters PGSA 929.05P768
Polish Armorial Polonais   929.76
Polish Family Research Konrad, J. 929.2K82
Polish and Proud: Tracing Your Polish Ancestry Gnacinski, Jan & Len 929.2G571
Polish Parish Records of the Roman Cath. Church Ortell, G. 651.5077
Polish Families who Settled in Toledo, Ohio Chorzempa, R. 929.2C552
Polish American Family Backgrounds Markham 929.2M345
Polish Surnames: Origins and Meanings Hoffman, William F. 929.4H745
Polish and Proud Gnacinski 929.2G571
Polskie Pamiatki Rodu Dzierzonow (Dzierzon Family's Polish Souvenirs) Borek - Mazak 929.2D999
Poza Krajem za Ojczyzne (An Exile from the Motherland) Wronski 940.08W957
Praslowianszczyzna Kostrzewski 936.7K86
Register of Vital Records of R. C. Parishes from the Region Beyond the Bug River Peckwas, E. 929.3P367
Research Guide to American Genealogy Greenwood, V. 929.G816
Residence, Social Structure of a Polish Aristocratic Family Bash, R. 929.2G284
Roman Catholic Parishes in the Polish People's Republic in 1984 Lidia Mullerowa  
Rzeczy, Slowa i Formy (Things, Words and Forms) Lubas, L. 929.4L926
Rzeczypospolita Rzymska (The Roman Republic) Zielinski 930S976r
Searching for Your Ancestors Doane, G. 929.D631
Slavic Americans Stipanovich 936.7S859
Slavic Papers Slavic Institute 936.7S63lv2
Slavic Civilization Through the Ages Cross 936.7C951
Slavonic-Encyclopedia   R936.7S631
Slavs Souvenir - Century of Progress 1933   936.7S631
Slavs Portal 936.7P842
Slawistyka w NRD i NRF (Slavic Knowledge in East & West Germany) Wroblewski 936.7W957
Slownik Geograficzny (Geographical Dictionary)   R914.602S624
Slownik Staropolskich Nazw Osobowych (Dictionary of Ancient Polish Personal Names)   R929.4S634
Slownik Nazw Geograficzynh (Dictionary of names for formerly held German named locations) Rospond 914.603R822
Source: A Guidebook of American Genealogy Eakle, Arlene R929.E11
Spis Miejscowosci Polskiej Rzeczypospolitej Ludowej (List of Localities in the Polish Commonwealth) Borodzicz, W. 910.3S759
St. Stanislaus Kostka Church, Chicago, Illinois (Baptism Index 1869-1920) PGSA 929.3
St. Stanislaus Kostka Church, Chicago, Illinois (Marriages Index 1869-1920) PGSA 929.3
Starozytnosc Bajeczna (Ancient Fairyland) Zielinski 930S976s
Study of Obituaries as a Source for Polish Genealogical Research Golembiewski 919.1G625
Tacyt Dziela (Complete Works of Tacitus) Tacitus 937T119-V1-2
Term and Name "Canada"/Ukr. Velyhorskyj, I. 929.050-58
The Forgotten People Freidin 940F899
Tracing Your Polish Roots Wellauer, M. 929.W447
Translation Guide to 19th Century Polish Language Civil Registration Documents Frazin 929.3F848
Troja Polnocy (Northern Trojans - Comparison of Polish Towns with Ancient Troy) Kossak 936.7K86
What's in a Name? Rule, L. 929.4R935
What's Your Name? Adamic, L. 929.4A198
Where to Write for Records in Illinois The Researchers 929.3W597
Where Once We Walked Mokotoff & Sack 292.3M716
Where the Trails Cross S. Sub. Gen&Hist. So. 929.05S726
Genealogical Periodicals A Neglected Treasure Towle, L. 929.050T742
Where to Write for Vital Records (USA) US Dept. of Health & Human Services 929.3W567
Worldwide Family History Currer-Briggs, N. 929.1C976
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  Author Call No.
Bibliography on Polish Heraldry Suligowski, L. 929.01S949
Collection of Articles on Polish Heraldry Peckwas 929.76
Dzieje Polski - (History of Poland) Topolski R046.D999
European Amorial Pinces 929.6P647
Fairbairn's Book of Crests (Great Britain & Ireland)   929.8F163
Gentry Titles Virion 929.7V818
Guide to Heraldry Neubecker 929.6N478
Handbook of Mottoes Borne by the Nobility   929.5E51
Handbook of Heraldry Gale 929.6C986
Handbuch Der Polnischen Heraldik. (Handbook of Polish Heraldry-in German) Gumowski, M 929.G974H
Heraldic Designs and Engravings Bergling & Hay 929.8B498
Heraldry Franklyn, J 929.F832
Heraldry & You Reynolds 929.6R463
Heraldry (customs, rules and styles) vonVolbroth 929.6V899
Heraldry and Floral Forms as Used in Decoration Cole 929.6C689
Herb i Pieczecie Nowego Sacza (Crest snd Shields of Nowy Sacza) Gumowski 929.8G974
Herb Warszawy (Arms- Crest - of Warsaw) Kuczynski 929.8K95
Herb i Pieczecie Miasta Torunia (Crest and Seals of the Cty of Torun) Gomowski 929.8G974
Herbarz Rodzin Tatarskich (Armorials of Tatar Baron Fan-filies) Dziadulewicz R929.79D999
Herbarz Polski (Armorials of Poland) Stupnicki R929.76S934
Herbarz Polski (Armorials of Poland) Niesiecki R929.76N676
Herby Rycerstwa Polskiego (Arms of Polish Knigthood) Paprocki R929.8P218
Ksiega Herbowa Rodow Polskich (Book of the Arms of Polish Tribes) Ostrowski R929.79460.85
Maly Slownik Kultury Dawnych Slowian (Little Dictionary of Slavian Culture) Powszechna R936.7L459
Materialy do Biografii Genealogii i Heraldyki Polskiej (Materials for Biography of Genealogy and Polish Heraldries)   929.6M425
O Heraldyce i "Heraldycznym" Snobizmie (About Heraldry & Heraldry's Snobbery) Konarski 929.7K82
Orbis Poloni (Circle of Polish People) Okolski R929.76041
Orshanski Gerbovnik (Orsha Armorial)   R929.76076
Orsha Armorial (in English)    
Polish Heraldry Peckwas 929.76P368
Polish Nobility in the Middle Ages   929.7
Polski Slownik Biograficzny (Polish Biographical Dictionary)   R920P778
Slownik Staropolskich Nazw Osobowych (Dictionary of Old Polish Personal Names)   R929.4S634
Slownik Nazwisk Wspolczesnie w Polsce Uzywanych (Dictionary of Modem Polish Names) Rymut  
Sredniowieczne Herby Polskie Lojko, J. 929.76L835
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  Issues Available  
Alliance College Trybuna Polska Newspaper (Polish Tribune) June 23,1920 - November 3, 1939
Dziennik Chicagoski (Chicago Daily News) December 15, 1890 - April 29, 1971
Dziennik Polski - (Polish Daily) 1944-1954 - 1965
Dziennik Zjednoczenia (Union Daily) Sept 1921 - Nov 1939
Dziennik Zwiazkowy (Federation Daily) Jan 1941 - Dec 1954
Glos Polek (Voice of the Poles) Feb. 18, 1922 - Aug. 1, 1922
Katolik - (Catholic) 1894- 1895
Narod Polski - (Polish Nation) 1898- 1964
Polak w Ameryce - (Polish American) March 6, 1888 - March 31, 1925
Polish Daily News Jan. 2, 1891 - Dec. 3 1, 1902
Przewodnik Katolicki - (Catholic Guide) 1943-1945
Straznice Zachodnie - (Western Watchtower) 1922-1939
Wiarus - (Old Campaigner) Aug. 15, 1895 - Dec. 16, 1919
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A Chicago Polish Telephone Directory 1934 - 1940 is microfilmed. 
 Telephone Directories from Poland: Years Available  
Bydgoszcz 1992  
Gdansk (supplement only) 1988  
Katowice 1992/93  
Krakow 1992/93  
Krakow (supplement) 1977/78  
Lodz 1992  
Pila 1990  
Poznan 1992  
Warsaw 1976/78  
Warsaw (Yellow Pages) 1993/94  
Wroclaw 1991, 1993/94  
Zielona Gora 1991/92  

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