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Awards Nominations!!!

As our annual conference approaches, the society looks to acknowledge those volunteers within our organization who have given selflessly of their time and effort. We also honor individuals or organizations in the broader community who have made significant contributions to the field of Polish American genealogical research.

The Gwiazda, is presented to a volunteer working within our society and its name translates to a “star” which is how important and valued the recipient is to us.

The Wigilia is given to those who have made contributions to the genealogy community at large. The word references Christmas Eve when traditionally families come together to remember and celebrate their ancestry. As a member of the society, we invite you to submit a nomination in either or both categories. Simply type in “Award” in the search box (top left). It will take you to our Nomination Form which you can then download and print out. Instructions for posting are on the form.

The deadline for submission is May 31st. We ask that you send us more than simply a name but, include as many reasons as possible as to why this individual or organization is deserving of recognition.

Good Deal! Polish Surnames: Origins & Meanings CD

If you are looking for a wealth of information in as small a package as possible, this should interest you. This CD has all the information contained in the 2 print volumes (totaling 1,182 pages).

Volume I - Offers the history of surname development, typical name origins, suffixes, and the relationship of Polish surnames to Hebrew, Czech, German, Russian, Lithuanian and Ukrainian.

Volume II - Has a 50,000 entry index arranged by root names, it offers translations, derivations, and data on the number of Polish citizens bearing each name, and more.

CD: $25 (members $22.50)


On Friday, September 25, 2015, PGSA will be offering a bus tour of Chicago's Polish South Side "Historic Scenes Through Mobile Means" visiting a few of the oldest Polish parishes in the city along with commercial and industrial sites that drew our ancestors through employment opportunity and helped to place the City of Chicago on the world stage. Historic landmarks, thriving cozy neighborhoods, European cathedral architecture and drive-by highlights of South Chicago, Bridgeport, and Back of the Yards neighborhoods will be featured.

The PGSA 2015 Conference entitled "Research Before and Beyond the Internet" will be held on Saturday, September 26, 2015 at the Marriott Chicago Midway Hotel, 6520 South Cicero Avenue, Chicago, IL 60638. Currently, presentations, will include searching three Polish websites whereby vital records/entries are constantly being added in a step-by-step fashion, and dating old photographs instead of leaving them boxed in a closet. Much more to come in the near future. So, save the dates! Registration will begin in spring.

Compendium of Polish Digital Web Sites!


Peruse this directory of 46 domestic and international sites presented as PGSA's first step to inform and build awareness in the ability of our members to access Digitized Polish Vital Records via the internet. In addition, we will strive to mobilize our members to volunteer in the effort to transcribe and / or digitize Polish vital records before they fall victim to the ravages of time and are lost forever.

William H Hoffman on "SKI" Surnames!

Regarding -ski surnames: Sorry I went incommunicado, but I have several deadlines to meet in January and February. When I'm up against one, I have to ignore most other things till I've finished the newsletter or journal or whatever in question. Anyway, Laura Rogowski Lackner asked whether Rogowski means ancestors came from Rogowo. The late Polish expert Kazimierz Rymut said the surname Rogowski appears in Polish records as far back as 1385, and comes from place names such a Rogow, Rogów, and Rogi. So it is likely your ancestor got the name from an association with a place with a name beginning Rog-. The problem is, there are literally dozens of places in Poland with names that fit. From the surname alone, you can't tell which one a given family came from. That's why, even when surname analysis gives you a hint what place name a surname refers to, you still need extensive research into the family history to nail down which of various plausible candidates actually applies in that specific case. Kind of disappointing, I know -- but at least it's still better than having a name like Nowak, which tells you an ancestor was once "the new guy," or Janowicz, which tells you an ancestor was the "son of John"!


Genealogy Fridays – Polish Research Help at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library

PGSA board member Steve Szabados is a genealogy volunteer at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library and he will be available for Polish research questions and help on Friday mornings from 9 AM to 12 PM. Whether you are just starting your research or trying to solve a “brick wall,” Steve should be able to help.

Be sure to add the Notebook's email address

Be sure to add the Notebook's email address pgsanotebook@gmail.com to your address book or "safe senders" list as soon as you subscribe to the Notebook so it will be delivered directly to your in box. If you cannot find your monthly issue of the Notebook, be sure to check your "junk mail" or spam box for your email account. If you continue to have difficulty receiving the Notebook, contact your Internet Service Provider about the issue directly

New Membership — Apply and Pay Online

For a new PGSA membership, click on the link to complete an online Membership Application and pay online: Online New Member Application

What's New onThe Website?

Members Only - Rodziny Electronic Collection - New Additions, Winter 2015

We have expanded the collection of Rodzinys in our members only area to include issues from 2009 to 2015. As you know the Rodziny is packed with valuable information, translations and "how to" tips for the new or expert researcher. We will continue to expand this collection as new issues become available.

Polish Immigrants to the Midwest - Migrated to "Members Only"

Feb 2015 Update 347 new records, 42,100 individual records!

This database is updated monthly. The user will find German, Pole, Hungarian, Belgian, Greek and Italian families from a number of states traced as near to their European origins as possible. Many good people have taken the time to send me extensions to the many families identified and have corrected my work when necessary. They are all credited for their contributions and I encourage any user to contribute “new families” and / or correct my work as the spirit moves you. New data may be sent to jamespiech@aol.com for entry. Let me know if you want your name and / or email credited in the record.

Jim Piechorowski PGSA Web Chair

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